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All information in one place: With the ADVARIS enterprise management system you not only process and manage your orders. From initial customer contact to procurement, shipping and invoicing, ERP supports you throughout your entire order processing with industry-specific optimized features.

Benefit from the highlights of state-of-the-art IT and greater efficiency, flexibility and quality in your logistics processes:

  • Quick response to customer inquiries via online information capability
  • High delivery capacity through reliable planning
  • Low inventories through efficient procurement management
  • Short lead times through integrated order processing

The industry-specific benefits of our software are available here:


With the modular building block system you decide on the modules that are geared to your individual company processes. This is how you secure lasting competitive advantages - with ADVARIS ERP.

Icon Einkauf


Ensure a complete process of handling with the procurement module - from purchase requisitions, inquiries, supplier contracts and purchase orders to the processing of incoming goods and invoice receipt. In the event of a return, the Returns Management module comes into play, which creates the necessary returns documents for you and, if necessary, also the export documents. Simple. Quick. Reliable.



  • Purchase requisitions with workflow control for approval and release
  • Evaluation and benchmarking of supplier inquiries
  • Detailed supplier evaluation using bonus programs and delivery quality
  • Purchase orders
  • Procurement projects and blanket orders
  • Complaint with return delivery
Icon Vertrieb

Sales / CRM

Simple and direct access to inventory levels and incoming goods, replacement times and procurement costs: Provide reliable information on availability, delivery dates and prices. With the Sales Order Management module you can easily manage not only sales orders for goods deliveries but also service orders and projects. The Materials Scheduling module gives you immediate information about the ability to deliver.



  • Customer contacts, addresses, contact history
  • Quotation management
  • Management of quotation documents (product brochures, technical data sheets, terms and conditions, etc.)
  • Customer projects and framework agreements
  • Scheduling for each sales order item (target, planned and actual dates for delivery, shipping and production)
  • Credit limit check during quotation, order entry and delivery
  • Budget planning with target figures, forecast and actual data simultaneously
Icon Lager & Logistik

Warehouse and Logistics

Always keep an overview of the current actual inventory with the Warehouse Management module and log all inventory movements. Analyze inventory trends by displaying and valuating inventories on any date past or future. Mobile, no problem! You can also use mobile handheld terminals with barcode scanners for recording incoming goods, warehouse and shipping.



  • Material requirements planning (MRP) with all common planning methods (consumption-based, demand-based / make-to-stock, make-to-order)
  • Incoming goods with printing of the batch labels and quality inspection
  • Storage locations and storage bins with technical restrictions (weight, volume)
  • Flexible storage/removal strategies (automatic storage bin assignment, monitoring of expiration date, FEFO, FIFO, etc.)
  • Management of special warehouses (consignment store, quarantine store, etc.)
  • Supplier batches, storage batches and containers (pallets, containers, spools, etc.)
  • Loan containers
  • Stock assessment
  • Inventory
  • Delivery notes, shipping and packing lists
  • Printing of delivery labels. Management of any type of label layout and assignment to the delivery by customer, article, container, etc.
  • EDI interface with forwarding agents
Icon Fakturierung


Use this module to create invoices for individual deliveries or entire projects on the basis of the terms agreed for the customer order. Using the implemented financial accounting interface, you can ensure synchronicity between material and value flow in the company at all times. This allows you to transfer customer and supplier invoices, inventories and stock changes easily and conveniently to an external financial accounting system.



  • Invoice production for the automatic creation of invoices
  • Credit notes, cancellation and correction invoices
  • Collective invoices
  • Project invoices (i.e., the invoicing of all deliveries for a customer project on one invoice)
  • Advance payment invoices
  • Consignment stock invoices
Icon und vieles mehr

...and much more

Use the wide range of standard features such as the Statistics & Reports module: Make a variety of analyses on sales and delivery statistics for customers and product groups, Intrastat, inventory turnover rate and many more! The web interface also enables the practical online integration of internet applications.



  • Workflow control with free definition of activities
  • Project management for planning and controlling external and internal projects
  • Document management
  • Automatic notification of deviations, e.g. expiry of an offer period, impending delivery delay of a customer order, overdue goods receipt etc.
  • Dashboards, statistics and reports, e.g. stock and sales statistics by product group, customer, region, period, etc.
  • Web services for viewing stock levels by product code, batch and packaging, or for entering customer orders on your company's website.
  • EDI for connecting customers and suppliers


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