MES – Manufacturing Execution System for your production management


Production management has never been so easy: The ADVARIS Manufacturing Execution System enables you to ideally cover all areas of a modern factory. Integrate your production processes from detailed planning & scheduling through to shop floor control and data collection to quality assurance, transportation control and tool management: clearly arranged and transparent.

Your benefits for efficient and flexible production management:

  • Better adherence to schedules through foresighted planning
  • Lower production costs due to optimized set-up sequences
  • Fast acting production control by networking all areas and components
  • Seamless traceability through automated data acquisition

The industry-specific benefits of our software are available here:


Rely on modern Smart Factory Software and secure sustainable competitive advantages through efficient and flexible process management. With our tried and tested MES solution, you can increase your productivity and score with excellent delivery reliability.

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Order Management and Materials Scheduling

Use the Order Management module to control the processing of your production orders and the necessary information exchange between production, procurement and sales. You can use Material Requirements Planning to automatically generate order proposals. Production Warehouse Management is used to control all stock movements, inventory and storage bin assignment according to your requirements and company-specific rules. To track the progress of an order, the order type, quantities produced, material input and scrap quantities, quality properties as well as reworking and completion of the order can be viewed.



  • Last minute changes to order data, technical product parameters and QC test plans are possible even after the order has been started
  • Material Requirements Planning (MRP) and generation of purchase proposals for production material
  • Production orders or operations can be defined according to technical criteria as process batches or setup packages and combined for planning and processing
  • Automatic splitting of large order volumes into production lots
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Detailed Planning and Scheduling (DPS)

Use the Detailed Planning and Scheduling module to optimize adherence to deadlines and minimize setup time in line with your company-specific conditions. Multi-resource planning works simultaneously and allows you to react quickly to changing customer requirements or disruptions in the production process with simple and fast rescheduling of orders or changes in shift schedules. Using the simulation function, you can change data on a trial basis and compare alternative planning scenarios. DPS also automatically takes into account the maintenance intervals of the machines and automatically generates appropriate maintenance order requests.



  • Rules-based simulation and optimization methods
  • Multi-resource planning (machines, material, tools, etc.)
  • Simultaneous planning of maintenance orders
  • Assessment and management of alternative simulation scenarios
  • Efficient support for manual scheduling or rescheduling of individual orders
  • Continuous updating of Detailed Planning and Scheduling by taking into account the latest feedback from production (order progress, machine status) enables quick conclusions to be drawn about the consequences of disruptions in terms of capacities and delivery dates
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Shop Floor Control and Data Collection (SFC)

Monitor your order data, personnel data, machine and quality data with the help of Shop Floor Data Collection. Resulting monitored data enables real-time tracking and comprehensive documentation of your production process. Thanks to extensive data acquisition, the production history of each individual production batch is fully visible. Personnel data can be securely recorded via ID card systems and used as the basis for payroll accounting. An alarm manager monitors critical process parameters and automatically notifies you of discrepancies by pop-up windows, e-mail or text message. A powerful toolkit for real-time production controlling allows the flexible collection of production and quality key figures.



  • Paperless manufacturing: All information (order data, production notes, stock information, technical data sheets, setup parameters for machines etc.) is displayed on the SFC terminal
  • Recording of order, batch, quality, machine and staff data
  • With automatic machine data acquisition the entry of downtime causes, batch changes and manufactured (partial) quantities is simplified considerably
  • Seamless traceability from the finished product to all intermediate products and the raw material batches
  • Where-used list for raw material batches and intermediate products

  • Mobile data collection using barcode or RFID readers, handheld terminals, tablets, PCs
  • QC test order management
  • Automatic control of test frequency based on definable criteria
  • Input form for entering measured values. As soon as the current value has been entered by the user, the test result (good/bad) is immediately visible
  • Interfaces to measuring devices for automated recording of test values
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Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) means the collection and analysis of real-time data from the machine and plant control systems. The SCADA module goes far beyond pure visualization and local monitoring of limit values. By automatically combining the signals with data from order control, quality assurance, logistics and maintenance, discrepancies and error states can be analyzed in the overall context of the production processes. Use this information for optimized planning and control of your production orders and preventive maintenance of your systems!



  • Connection of machine controls (PLC) and other components of automation technology (sensors, counters, etc.)
  • OPC UA, fieldbus systems, digital and analog I/O signals
  • Freely configurable signals (tags) and alarms
  • User-definable diagrams for visualization of machine and process signals (online monitoring screens)
  • Archive Database (Historian)
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Warehouse Management and Transport Control

The module for intralogistics controls, coordinates and manages all material flow in production. The seamless connection with order control ensures that your machines and plants are always supplied with the right raw materials and primary products.

With the always up-to-date overview of the stocks in buffer stores, staging zones, conveyor lines, silos, etc. you no longer waste time searching for semi-finished products, batches and containers. Inventory and assessment of your production warehouse are thus quickly completed.



  • Automatic creation of transport orders for material staging at the machines and work centers
  • Forklift terminals for the specification and confirmation of transport orders
  • Management of buffer stores in production
  • Integration with automated logistics systems (automated warehouse, driverless transport system)
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...and much more

Key figures and data analysis in real time – company management, production management and employees at the operational level benefit from more transparency in the production process. In addition, reliable key figures serve a continuous improvement process in the company.

Use special MES apps on smartphones and tablets, e.g. for an overview of machine statuses, confirmation of order data or provision of material batches.

With large displays on the factory floor, you can show your production staff important process data, target/actual statistics or warnings in a clear and up-to-date manner. This enables you to make simple, fast and targeted decisions for measures to ensure that quality and production targets are achieved.



  • Configurable dashboards for real-time visualization of production performance (OEE)
  • Statistics and reports (shift logs, quality control charts, target/actual comparison of production times (set-up time, runtime), scrap statistics, etc.)
  • Automatic maintenance of event logs for machines, batches, tools, etc.
  • Automatic recording of all stock movements


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