MRO – Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul management


The ideal support: The ADVARIS maintenance and repair management system (MRO) helps you with comprehensive planning, implementation, documentation and cost control of your maintenance activities. In addition to machines, tools and measuring equipment, MRO also manages all other maintenance objects in the company, such as vehicles, IT equipment or building technology components.

ADVARIS MRO is seamlessly integrated with the modules for manufacturing ADVARIS MES and enterprise resource management ADVARIS WMS. This enables the smooth integration of maintenance into the central company processes of procurement, materials management, production planning and control.

Secure for yourself the benefits of a modern maintenance system:

  • Higher plant availability through permanent condition monitoring and proactive maintenance
  • Better delivery accuracy through more reliable production planning
  • Shorter downtimes and repair times due to tight integration with the production control
  • Knowledge management as the basis for a continuous improvement process
  • Maximum availability of spare parts due to real-time inventories 
  • Cost and performance transparency


Achieve significant competitive advantages by permanently optimizing the stability and reliability of your production processes. ADVARIS MRO helps you in this with tried and tested features for modern, forward-looking maintenance management.

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Asset Management

In addition to technical components such as plants and machines, you can also manage the deployment of your staff and create maintenance plans that form the basis of preventive maintenance. The hierarchical asset structure can be defined individually and extensively as the number of levels is not limited. Routings, bills of materials and QC test plans can be created instantly and supplemented with technical drawings, instructions, pictures or videos.



  • Clear representation of any plant structures (tree view). Manufacturer data, maintenance plans, spare parts lists, warranty periods and conditions, contracts, manuals, pictures and videos can be stored for each asset element.
  • Routing with operation networks, work instructions, qualification profiles, bills of material and QC test plans as a template for the generation of maintenance orders
  • Maintenance plans for the definition of maintenance work to be performed cyclically or conditionally
  • Spare parts, tools and consumables
  • Employees with qualification profiles and shift schedules
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Maintenance Orders

By creating and scheduling maintenance orders, you can optimally prepare your repair and maintenance work in terms of spare parts, staff, time and other resources. Maintenance technicians see their orders sorted by due date, plant and current priority. All information such as damages recorded on site, repair instructions or tool lists and the availability of spare parts can be accessed directly at the click of a mouse or touch of a finger. This eliminates unnecessary waiting times and ensures efficient, priority-controlled execution of the work.



  • Unplanned repair orders triggered by fault messages when interruptions are initiated 
  • Preventive and condition-based maintenance and inspection orders, statutory inspections, projects
  • Automatically or manually generated maintenance orders with assignment of staff, spare parts, documents such as circuit diagrams or technical drawings, target times, etc.
  • Graphical planning board for detailed scheduling of maintenance orders by plant or employee. Rescheduling via drag & drop. Synchronization of maintenance planning with production scheduling.
  • QC test plans for the recording of other values, e.g. the calibration of measuring instruments using specific methods that may be required by law
  • Integrated SCADA module for condition-based maintenance based on automatically acquired plant signals such as vibration levels, temperature curves or power consumption. Definition of any number of signals, warning limits and visualizations (real-time graphics) for each plant element. Rules for the automatic generation of fault messages or maintenance orders.
  • Assignment of maintenance staff according to skill profiles
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Feedback and Analysis

Ergonomic input forms and dialog features make it easy to record working hours, external services or spare parts and material consumption. Checklists and free texts allow a simple description of the measures taken. The Evaluation and Analysis module gives you the option of evaluating recorded feedback according to various criteria, defining key figures and identifying the causes of errors.



  • Automatic calculation of response, downtime and repair times
  • Analyses (vulnerability analysis, types and frequency of errors, costs, etc.)
  • Retrieval of addresses, object information, documents, processing of current and newly received orders, direct recording of maintenance requirements or corrected faults, material bookings and measurement data recordings.
  • Audit trail, all subsequent changes to maintenance process are documented to ensure auditing acceptability of the system
  • Management of a large number of different measurement data, e.g. operating hours, kilometers, production units, measurement and inspection data such as temperatures, vibrations, wear data, limit values, status or even energy and consumption data such as electricity, water, gas and tank data.
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Mobile Maintenance

Simplify the daily work processes of your maintenance staff by mobile data collection via smartphone or tablet. Maintenance components are identified by RFID or barcode and maintenance data is recorded directly at their point of origin, the machines and plants. In addition to significant time savings, you benefit from the improved quality and timeliness of maintenance data.



  • App for smartphone or tablet (Android, iOS or Windows)
  • Display of the personal task list with schedule
  • Entry of errors, their causes and measures taken
  • Creation of new fault messages, with assignment of pictures or videos if required
  • High level of process reliability through auto ID-based identification of systems and maintenance components (barcode or RFID)
  • Checklist management
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...and much more

Keep an overview of your stock and spare parts inventories. Define minimum stock levels and remain responsive. In an emergency, MRO quickly provides information as to whether a particular spare part is available at another location or could be taken from a machine that is not currently needed.

With the ongoing feedback of error causes and corrective actions, a know-how database for maintenance is gradually created. Use this potential for interactive fault diagnosis and action planning.



  • App for easy creation and tracking of fault messages
  • Warehouse management and technical procurement from the supplier inquiry to incoming goods
  • Document management
  • Statistics and key figures for any time periods, organizational and plant levels
  • Pre-definable reports, which are automatically sent to specific recipients at fixed time intervals
  • Project management
  • Management of any number of locations (plants, shop floors, buildings)
  • Flexible search features to find recurring damage, causes of faults and maintenance work carried out make MRO your knowledge database


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