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Product Data

Increase efficiency, flexibility and quality in the entire product development process. The product data management system supports your staff in design, manufacturing specification, quality assurance and costing. Production costs are calculated automatically, inconsistencies in the master data are reliably avoided and company-specific sets of rules and document templates can be changed as required. The unlimited creation of templates for product families simplifies the configuration of new product variants from the very start.

Secure planning data from quotation to production. This pays off:

  • Quick response to customer inquiries
  • Efficient creation and maintenance of ERP & MES master data
  • Minimal error rate thanks to central know-how database
  • Easy generation of technical data sheets

The industry-specific benefits of our software are available here:


The modular building block system allows you to manage the data of your entire product development process in one program, standardized and easy to understand. Always one step ahead with ADVARIS PDM.

Icon Materialdatenbank

Material Database

Manage all raw materials, preliminary products, semi-finished products and finished goods over the entire life cycle in a uniform, central database. In addition to the technical data of materials and substances, environmental standards, norms, certifications and approvals can be maintained. With the material database, you then have a solid basis for product development that complies with regulations and is environmentally compatible.



  • Management of chemical and physical data, characteristic values and material properties
  • User definable attributes
  • Classification scheme (characteristics categories and characteristics)
  • Extensive search and sorting options
  • Where-used list
  • Management of data sheets, standards and approvals
Icon Konstruktionsstücklisten

Design BOMs

Map your product variants in design BOMs. The comprehensive know-how database generates these automatically as far as possible. If necessary, materials, variant parts and other factors can be adjusted manually. Using a modular bill of materials, PDM ensures the reusability of semi-finished products and design elements. The use of predefined design models increases the efficiency of your product configuration.



  • Framework designs for product families with variant bill of materials
  • Standard tables and formulas for calculating dimensions, weights and further characteristics of the product
  • Freely definable rules for the selection of material components, assemblies and design elements
Icon Mischungsrezepturen

Compound Recipes

Develop recipes for the production of your compounds. Each recipe can be divided into sections in which the materials being mixed are combined. From the recipe data, the software automatically generates the BOM and routing, and documents for production. The recipe is also automatically scaled to batch sizes.



  • Creation of recipes and alternative recipes
  • Section classification and quantity scaling for production
  • Production instructions
Icon Arbeitsplan

BOM and Routing Generator

Generate complete routings and production bills of material on the basis of design data. Suitable machines are selected according to technical and economic criteria that are specified. Multiple operations and scenarios can be compared in terms of manufacturing costs. BOM and routings are organized to optimal standards with integrated quantity calculation, time management rules, manufacturing instructions and system adjustments by location.



  • Single-level or multi-level routing/bill of material structure
  • Automatic machine selection according to customizable criteria
  • Alternative machines and alternative material
  • Manufacturing instructions, set-up instructions and settings for the machine PLC
  • Equipment lists (tools, etc.)
  • Setup parameters for controlling production planning
Icon Prüfplan

QC Test Plans

Generate quality control test plans for your entire production process instantly with ease. The compilation of the test characteristics is carried out by systematically using the general QC test plans and an extensive catalog of characteristics. The formula editor allows you to create the reference to the target values of the design, thus eliminating the need for manual entry and maintenance. As a result, the QC test plan is instantly updated whenever the design is changed.



  • QC test plans for incoming goods inspection, in-process inspection and final inspection
  • QC test characteristics catalog
  • General QC test plans with optional test plan characteristics
  • Automatic adjustment of the target values when the design is changed
  • Static and dynamic test frequencies
Icon Kalkulation


Calculate your manufacturing costs on the basis of a previously generated routing. Calculate the material costs for each BOM item, including production-related surcharges, and clearly breaking down production costs by freely definable performance types. In addition, individual costing schemes can be specified for representing the cost structure on a company-specific basis. Quotes for your customers can be generated in a custom layout.



  • Quantity Scales
  • Machine cost per production step
  • Material costs per BOM item
  • Version management
  • Cost comparison of product variants
  • Costing archive
Icon Variantengenerator

Variant Generator

The variant generator allows you to automate the creation and maintenance of all routings, bills of material, QC test plans and cost of sales. The variants of a product family are specified once and can then always be regenerated or updated. This results in a considerable gain in productivity, especially in case of mass data changes such as design changes, material exchange, new machines or updating of machine performance parameters.



  • Creation and maintenance of designs, routings, bills of material, quality test plans and cost calculations for product families
  • Gain in productivity with mass data changes
Icon und vieles mehr

...and much more

Create your individual technical data sheets in a professional layout. For this purpose, a very powerful yet easy to use report designer is available.

Companies with several production sites benefit from the multi-plant capability. Product specifications can be managed centrally according to standards that apply across plants. All plant-specific data, i.e. routings, parts lists, test plans and cost calculations, are then generated on the basis of the same globally valid product specification.




  • Multi-plant capability
  • Workflow manager for company-specific process models
  • Easy to learn formula editor with free access to all database fields
  • Extensive library of standard formulas with calculation rules for all areas (design, routing, costing, QC)
  • Easy-to-use reporting and statistics tools
  • Version control, change history and archiving
  • A wide range of functions for efficient mass data modification
  • Document management
  • Flexible interface for integration with ERP systems


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