Batch production with ADVARIS Batch

Batch production with ADVARIS BATCH

Every industry has its own very special requirements for business software. To a large extent, this also applies to manufacturers of chemical products such as paints, varnishes, adhesives or plastic compounds. A multi-stage batch production with strict requirements regarding environmental protection and traceability, the high variety of products and inhomogeneous system landscapes in the area of ​​plant automation result in a requirement profile that cannot be covered well with standard ERP and MES solutions.

In many cases, custom development or an attempt to enhance industry-neutral standard software has proven to be an expensive dead end. The result was an inflexible compromise solution that falls far short of the original goal of end-to-end process support and optimization.

As a way out, ADVARIS offers a specialized industry solution tailored precisely to the needs of the individual company, just like an off the rack suit. With highly qualified consultants, many years of project experience in the batch industry and flexible industry software, we also fully cater to individual requirements with high quality standards.

Our customers appreciate our industry expertise because they don't have to first explain them to our consultants. We speak your language – from the very start.

ERP & MES Solution for Batch production

Batch manufacturers with products such as paints, varnishes or plastic compounds are confronted with a demanding array of requirements:

  • A large variety of products and increasing demand for short-term delivery
  • Increasing requirements for flexibility and quality in production
  • A flood of regulations (environmental protection requirements, Reach, GHS)
  • A combination of process and discrete parts production
  • A diversity of plant and automation technology
  • Seamless traceability of materials and raw materials from goods receipt to the customer

This complex market environment requires an ERP system with a powerful, fully integrated MES (Manufacturing Execution System) component perfectly aligned with the industry. This is exactly what our ADVARIS Batch industry solution gives you. All processes run as integrative components of the ADVARIS ERP & MES solution, from procurement, quality control and recipe management to production scheduling, batch control, filling and packaging.


ADVARIS Batch is the ideal solution for manufacturers and distributors of the following products:

  • Paints & varnishes
  • Adhesives
  • Coating and scaling compounds
  • Compounds, plastic granules (PVC etc.)
  • Color masterbatches
  • Additive masterbatches
  • Plastics recyclers
  • Shampoos and cleaners



  • Recipe management
  • Batch traceability and where-used list
  • Batch analyses and documentation at every stage
  • Supplier qualification and contract manufacturing
  • Customer-related filling planning
  • Connection to extruders, mixers, kneaders, granulators, agitators, silos, scales and filling systems


Enterprise Resource Management
Icon Warenwirtschaft
  • Catalog of characteristics with predefined characteristics (e.g. flash point, vapor pressure, WHC) and extendibility by defining individual, specific characteristics (e.g. color, shape, concentration) and classifications (e.g. product groups)
  • Supplier qualification and contract manufacturing
  • Management of loan containers (containers, pallets, etc.) with automatic updating of the stock of loan containers when goods are received or delivered to customers, and returns
  • Overview of material inventory for all filling articles (container sizes) of the same bulk material
  • BOMs and sets for sale (e.g. paint cans and paint brushes)
  • Mobile terminals for recording transfer, refilling or weighing processes
  • Prices by container size/packaging material

The general features of the ADVARIS Enterprise Resource Planning system are available here.

Product Data Management
Icon Produktdatenmanagement
  • Raw materials database with document management (e.g. safety data sheets)
  • Management of recipes and packing/filling BOMs
  • Freely definable formulas for the calculation of input quantities for components and process times for a product
  • Management of recipe ingredients in quantities, weights or proportions with automatic conversion
  • Technical calculations (density, binding content, solvent content, etc.)
  • Maintenance of varying recipe types such as laboratory recipes, production recipes, filling recipes, etc., each with the possibility of storing quality- and quantity-related variants and versions
  • Preliminary costing of development recipes based on current raw material prices
  • QC test plan management with customer/vendor-specific variants
  • Transfer of recipe data for the creation of QC test plans
  • Generation of PI sheets
  • Creation of filling articles and filling BOMs from bulk material + container type (article, if necessary with parts list, e.g. can, lid, label)
  • Update characteristics (e.g. density) of filling articles from bulk materials

All ADVARIS PDM features are available here.

Manufacturing Execution System (MES)
Icon Manufacturing Execution System
  • Filling orders, production orders, induction orders, refilling orders, etc.
  • Graphical planning board with automatic scheduling of multi-stage production processes. Setup and cleaning times are shortened and the use of cleaning agents is reduced.
  • Planning of raw materials and components
  • Use of break-in inventories with proposal system (reduction of remaining inventory in the warehouse)
  • Batch traceability and where-used list
  • Batch analyses and documentation in all process stages: Incoming goods, production (in-process control), ad-hoc, outgoing goods, retest for articles stored for a longer period of time and after quarantine phases, stability testing
  • Test equipment management including calibration
  • Container-oriented inventory management
  • Silo management
  • Automatic and manual splitting and merging of batches
  • Connection to extruders, mixers, kneaders, granulators, agitators, silos, scales, dosing and filling systems
  • Weighing dialogs and various weighing modes (additive weighing, differential weighing, etc.) with online debiting of the weighing
  • Early warning system for expired goods

An overview of all of the features of the ADVARIS Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is available here.


The ADVARIS MRO maintenance and repair management system gives you full control of your maintenance tasks and allows you to conveniently manage all maintenance items. You can find all of the benefits here.


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